​Hello! I'm Shih-Hsueh

An interaction designer with architectural DNA building immersive and multisensory experiences as well as having a hands-on nature for crafting and prototyping.

I'm anticipating completing a Masters in Interaction Design at the School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University in 2023.

​Currently exploring a 2022 summer internship in a designer position related to Interaction and Experience Design / Digital Art / Immersive Exhibition. Feel free to give me a shout!


Exhibition Design \ Immersive Experience \ UX Research \ Digital Art


Multisensory interaction design for immersive experience at museums.

Exhibition Design \ Visual Design \ Publication Design \ Event Planning

New Resilient Ground

Multi-faceted exhibition design and planning integration.


UX ResearchUI Design Voice User Interface


IKEA's conversational AI for integrating home furnishing and shopping experiences.

Exhibition DesignArchitectureInteractive Installation

The Island of Rain

An interactive installation inviting people to generate clouds with a playful mechanism.