Hi, it's good to see you again!

  • I'm a designer striving to bring the mindset of spatial sense to interaction design, and vice versa, to apply the human-centered lens to the spatial configuration.


  • My mission as a designer is to transcend and intertwine the physical and digital world employing embodied interaction design from the human-centered viewpoint. 

  • Currently, I'm pursuing a master's degree of Interaction Design (MDes) at Carnegie Mellon University. I also have a bachelor's degree of Architecture from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan.

  • My skill sets include UX Design, Interactive Art and Design, Architectural Design. This Spring, I'm also running research about Optical Motion Tracking and Human-Computer Co-creation.


"I Read Banned Books"

Here is what I like to do for fun and what I believe.

​I'm a coffeeholic and traveler. I love making my own exclusive pour-overs and espresso. I have been traveling to more than ten foreign countries in the past for either work, fun, or spending time getting along with myself. 

When I'm visiting a new city, the must-do is to find out the local coffee shops, watch how the barista pours water into the filter, and smell the aroma in the air. I also fly drones to see the landscape from the perspective that stands for freedom and infinity.

I'll describe myself as a maker and an adventurer.