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"I Read Banned Books"

Here is what I like to do for fun and what I believe.

​I'm a coffeeholic and traveler. I love making my own exclusive pour-overs and espresso. I have been traveling to more than ten foreign countries in the past for either work, fun, or spending time getting along with myself. 

When I'm visiting a new city, the must-do is to find out the local coffee shops, watch how the barista pours water into the filter, and smell the aroma in the air. I also fly drones to see the landscape from the perspective that represents freedom and infinity.

I'll describe myself as having a personality of a maker and an adventurer. 

Pittsburgh, 2021 Winter

- Video Shooting

IxD Lab, 2021 Fall

Pittsburgh, 2021 Winter

- Animating &

Creative Coding

Communication Design Studio, 2021 Fall

floating bubble.gif

Floating 2020 by Processing

two ball tracing.gif

Tracking 2020 by Processing

ball array.gif

Breathing 2020 by Processing


Disconnecting 2020 by Processing


"What is Design?", 2021 Fall


"What is Interaction Design?", 2021 Fall

- Artistic Creation

- As a Coffeeholic

"What is Interaction Design?", 2021 Fall

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