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Informal City Life



Work Type: Team of Six
Location: Tainan, Taiwan
Mentor: Cheng-Luen Hsueh, Brian McGrath

Role in Team:  Film Directing, Camera Operating, Film Editing, Diagram Producing

What can be called 'informal'?
We defined 'informal' as some phenomenon but not a specific space or object and it should exist everywhere.

For example, people in Tainan have strong free will that they tend to transform a place or an object to fit their needs even though in the public domain. "I park everywhere because I need to park," " I break a wall because I need a shortcut."  Thus, it is about how everyday life transforms into permanence through informality.

The Clips of Scenes & the Traces of Camera Movements

Spatial Montage


Project gallery

Design Process
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Draft of Shooting Idea
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Sketches for the Shooting Machine
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Cassavetes' Camera Movements
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